Cannabis Health Products Australia

The benefits of medical marijuana have been analyzed by Americans for a while. Now, it's
Australia's turn to make this discovery. Australia's economy growing exponentially after the
country's 2016 decision to allow to manufacture Cannabis Health Products Australia and medical
use of marijuana, industry analysts are projecting new legislative changes in favor of marijuana
and hemp. After passing legislation, Australia decided to regulate and legalize the use and
medicinal cultivation of the plant. In this article, we discuss the use of Cannabis Health Products
Australia and the medicinal cannabis product legislation in Australia.

The Victoria (located in southwest Australia), considered one of the largest medical marijuana
production city in the world. Australian Cannatrek is planning to produce 160 tons of medical
cannabis. It is estimated that approximately 500,000 Australians use cannabis for self-medication
each year and Cannatrek was therefore given the green light to develop a mega marijuana factory
near Shepparton.

In mid-June, the government passed an amendment to its legislation governing the export of
narcotics, with the aim of improving access to the international market for producers and
exporters of cannabis-based products. The Export Control Amendment Act (Narcotics Export Certificate) 2020, which simplifies the certification application process for exporting medical cannabis and hemp products that provide extra support for smaller and emerging export suppliers.

Australia's Cannabis Industry

Cannabis was legalized for medical use, at the federal level in Australia, in February 2016.
However, Cannabis remains unlicensed as a medicine and has not yet been registered with the
Australian Therapeutic Products Register (ARTG). This means that doctors requesting
permission to prescribe medicinal cannabis must be able to demonstrate that they have exhausted
options for conventional treatment.  Like the US, Australia has seen laws governing marijuana vary from state to state. In September 2019, the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly (ACT) voted to legalize the
cultivation, possession, and use of Cannabis for adult use, removing the criminal sanctions
associated with possession of up to 50g of dry Cannabis or two plants by adults.  The new law, which came into force in January 2020, aims to minimize the damage associated with the ban. The possession and sale of marijuana seeds remain prohibited, as is the use of marijuana in public or close to children.

Meanwhile, in Queensland, new legislation was passed in June 2020, allowing all registered
doctors to prescribe marijuana for a number of specified indications; where marijuana previously
could only be prescribed by a small number of specialist doctors.  Queensland Health emphasized that Cannabis has been shown to be beneficial for patients already on chemotherapy, but Cannabis should never be prescribed as an alternative treatment for cancer itself. The doctor prescribes to only a few patients who are suspected of seeking
marijuana to treat drug addiction.

Public attitudes and use

According to a survey of 2018 to 2019: The University of Sydney's found that only 2.7% of its
1388 respondents were receiving medical cannabis through legal channels.

Survey participants, who used marijuana to treat problems such as insomnia, anxiety, depression,
and chronic pain, reported a number of barriers to obtaining legally prescribed marijuana for
medical use, including the cost of supplies and reluctance to prescribe from your doctors.